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Sylvia Silvestri - Beverly Hills RNABOUT SYLVIA SILVESTRI R.N.


Beverly Hills RN is your fully informative platform for everything you need to know about plastic surgery, facial injectables, trademarked procedures, and more. Beverly Hills RN gives you immediate access to information and medical news and developments, as well as answers many of your questions, by providing direct access to The Beverly Hills RN herself, Sylvia Silvestri, RN a highly skilled and licensed registered nurse with 20 years of experience in the exciting and ever-changing field of Plastic Surgery. From the scalpel to the needle to the clinic, Sylvia will help teach and inform you on best sources, up to the minute developments, new technology and treatments, as well as options for these services.


Sylvia’s dreams of becoming a nurse as a young girl led her to pursue a medical career from the start. Her diligence and hard work paid off, as she was accepted into the RN program at Loma Linda Medical Center, one of the top hospitals in the country for pediatric cardiac surgery and heart transplants. Sylvia began her medical career in the area of pediatric surgery before Sylvia found her calling and continued training in the Plastic and Reconstructive field in Beverly Hills, California, acknowledged as the forefront for this specialty worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Sylvia has continued to grow and develop her knowledge and expertise, as well as build a solid working network of like minded medical professionals in the United States as well as internationally.


Sylvia is currently completing her Masters FNP degree at South University.


Over the past two decades, Sylvia has worked in the busiest and most exclusive operating rooms and facilities, from hospital settings such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, to private specialty practices and operating rooms. The physicians she works alongside have been featured on Dr. 90210, E! Entertainment, Bravo, The Doctors, and Dr. Oz. Respected not just for her vast knowledge and skill, Sylvia is also well known for possessing the eye of an artist with injectables, and is often the professional other professionals turn to when they or their families want to look their best.


Sylvia’s mission now, through Beverly Hills RN, is to share with everyone her years of experience and in-depth knowledge about the exciting array of all the aesthetic and self-improvement procedures offered. In addition, Sylvia also offers in-office practice evaluations, from marketing to staffing and product placement.


Sylvia Sylvestri RN, the Beverly Hills RN, holds workshops in Beverly Hills once a month, as well as travels nationally and internationally, exchanging ideas, reviewing new domestic and international developments in her field, with an emphasis on training physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses in the art of facial injectables and trademarked procedures Vampire Facelift, Vampire Facial, Vampire Breast lift, the O-Shot, Femilift, and the Priapus shot.



– Started her own blog and website in 2011
– Founded her own company Beverly Hills RN
– National trainer for Allergan, National Laser Institute, and The Aesthetic Show
– Over 20 years of experience in facial aesthetics, administering Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Microneedling.
– Started The Beverly Hills RN Show podcast on iTunes
– Featured on Telemundo, The Doctors, VG Norway, amongst others.
– Started her own consulting company connecting patients to surgeons.
– Member American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Nurses
– Trains physicians and nurses the art of facial injectables, and teaches courses in Beverly Hills and internationally.


“I wanted to start this website because so many people always ask me who the best doctor is for every procedure that exists. They know that I am the nurse in the surgery room watching technique, how the doctor treats the patient, and how the office is. People also have questions about the procedures, injectables, skin care, and much more. I feel that I have so much knowledge to share, and want to pass it on to anyone who is curious about plastic surgery from the Nurse’s point of view. I am licensed in California, New York, and Nevada.


When I am not not working, I enjoy working out, Volunteering at NKLA (no-kill animal shelter) and travel.


Thank You for visiting my site!”


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